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It's time to learn how to identify and dismantle racism!

Join the thousands of other people I have already helped!

Are you ready to dismantle racism in your life?


Applied the 7-R Framework and tools learned in class to her work as a researcher to promote anti-racism in her methodology at work. This was a pilot, to then make the case to her coworkers how this can and should be done across the board at her research institution!


Applied the 7-R Framework and tools learned in class in her work as a Lawyer to develop an advocacy campaign to fight racism in a state policy in California.


Applied the 7-R Framework and tools learned in class to her work as a speech therapist and the programs she developed and implemented with colleagues to be anti-racist. She started with one project to encourage her colleagues to standardize these practices in all future projects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this masterclass for?

ALL ARE WELCOMED! This masterclass uses a racial equity framework that is consistent with anti-racist practices and Christian principles of love and humility, and affirms the importance of welcoming all who want to play an active role in dismantling racism!

I am not in the U.S. Can I still enroll?

Racism is a global reality. As such, we need everyone on a global scale doing their part. Marlysa has traveled to over 30 countries across five continents and has studied how racism shows up in various countries across the world. The framework that is featured in this masterclass is based on these learnings and can be applied regardless of where you live in the world!

I am a person of color and see how racism impacts my community. Will this course still be helpful for me?

Yes! Just because you are a person of color does not mean that you have the practices and skills to dismantle racism in your own context. Many times we have learned how to maintain racism, so much so that we may not all the time realize it. With the tools that Marlysa has designed, she has helped hundreds of individuals of color who now feel like they have the language to call out the racism they are seeing, uncover new ways they hadn’t yet realized racism was showing up, and feel affirmed in knowing their feelings and assessments of racism are valid and heard. Perhaps one of the most powerful things this masterclass will do is help uncover all the “not-so-obvious” ways racism shows up (that even as people of color, we might miss) and provide tangible practices ways you can engage with it to dismantle it!

What do I need to take this master class?

Just bring yourself, a notebook, and a heart to learn. Press the button below to register. I can't wait to see you there!

What will I gain from this masterclass that I cannot receive anywhere else?

This masterclass will help you identify solutions to develop practical skills to apply to each decision, action, and thought you have on a daily basis to dismantle racism. Unlike other opportunities, this class provides opportunities for hands-on experience that will help you put what you learn into practice immediately! It will also teach you how to build and maintain accountability for yourself as you grow in your racial equity journey. Lastly, unlike other classes, this class will provide opportunities for coaching sessions that will transform your thoughts and actions from this point forward.

I am not in a management or leadership position. Will this still help helpful?

Yes, yes and yes! This masterclass focuses on what YOU can do in your personal context, both in your current role in your organization, church or other institution, and within your personal life. I will provide opportunities to help you create your 3-month plan to dismantle racism in your context!

I am a white person. I recently have seen the visceral impacts of racism. Am I ready to take this class?

Yes! There is no need to wait. This is the perfect time for you! Once you see the reality of racism, this is the best next step to take, so that you have a solid foundation for yourself, your family, and your community! Don’t get bogged down in all of the jargon out there, much of which does not provide you with the practical ways to ACT NOW and dismantle racism within your life on a daily basis.

I already advocate for racial justice. Will this masterclass be helpful for me?

Definitely! I have worked with thousands of people who are committed to racial justice understand how to effectively operationalize racial equity into their practices, policies, programs, and decision making. This masterclass will provide opportunities not only for you to be committed to racial justice, but to also dismantle it with a framework that is proven to work, which I have personally taken across the country.